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Do You Want What Is Best For You or Your Customers?

I attended a webinar hosted by Susan Prince, President of www.cadencemarketing.com today, which supported several of my existing marketing ideas but drove home if I truly had my customer’s best interest at heart.

One point that was talked about which was a little blow to the ole ego was customers could careless what you think because customers always think about themselves.  Hmmmmm . . . I thought to myself and then put on my customer shoes / hat and by George this was correct.  As a customer I could truly care less about things that I feel are of no use to me and will tune someone out if I feel the person is talking more about themselves than my needs as a customer.

With that said, Susan Prince went on to say first you have to find the problems that your customers have and present a way to solve them.  The example that she gave is one of her clients owns a frame shop and helps customers find ways to get pictures out of boxes, storage, etc. and helps their customers decorate their images beautifully to be displayed in their home or place of business.  This struck a cord and made me want to go through my old shoe boxes for images to take to their frame shop.

Bottomline  ‘don’t tell your customers what you do.  Instead tell them how you can solve their problems.’

Quick questions to write down and ask yourself

  • Company name?
  • What type of company is it (industry)?
  • Company services?
  • Problems you solve?
  • Who has these problems?
  • Why would people choose you?

After you have written down and answered the above questions, then you will be on your way to writing an effective marketing plan / campaign.

For more information, please contact Susan Price or Hannah Howard at www.cadencemarketing.com.


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