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FREE Travel Itinerary Websites As Seen In Inc. Magazine.


Below are FREE travel itinerary websites that I came across while reading the latest edition of Inc. Magazine.

www.traxo.com – Traxo keeps itineraries up to date by linking directly to the websites of more than 40 major travel booking services, airlines, car companies, and hotel chains.  The site generates a trip itinerary and automatically updates it if any plans change.  You can also assign different levels of access to members of your group, so you can share all your trip details with your assistant, for example but not your whole staff.”

I signed up for Traxo today and it seems like it will be very useful.

www.tripit.com – forward confirmation e-mails from airlines, hotels, and online booking services to Tripit, which will generate a trip itinerary with flight, hotel, and car rental details.  You can choose to automatically add itineraries to Goggle Calendar or share them with members of your TripIt network.  Creating a network is easy:  TripIt gives you the option to e-mail individuals or send group invitations to contacts in LinkedIn or web-based e-mail accounts such as Gmail and Aol.

www.dopplr.com – Like TripIt, Dopplr requires you to forward travel confirmation e-mails to the site to generate an itinerary.  The site alerts you when your plans overlap with those of someone else in your group and also creates annual travel reports.  Another plus:  You can send out Twitter updates on your travel plans directly from Dopplr.”


  1. January 13, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Thanks for trying the product April. We are in beta so would love your feedback on how the product is working.

    Thanks, Andy Chen
    Co-founder, Traxo.com

    • January 13, 2010 at 7:06 pm


      You are welcome. I am loving Traxo so far. I love the ease of it as well as the convenience of having all of my information in one place.


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