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More budding entrepreneurs popping up across college campuses


By Leslie Kwoh/The Star-Ledger

Entrepreneurship, once dismissed as a risky and unstable career path by older generations, seems to have spiked in popularity among college students in recent years. Faced with daunting job prospects after graduation, experts say a growing number of students are eschewing the traditional corporate track and launching ventures right out of their dorm rooms.

“If you got a job at a big company in corporate America 30 years ago, you’d likely be there a decade, if not retire there,” said Susan Scherreik, director of Seton Hall University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. “Now you’re lucky to be there for a year or two — so why not be in control of your own destiny?”

At Rutgers University, a growing demand led to the launch last year of an entrepreneurship concentration in the MBA program, said dt ogilvie, founding director of the university’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development. School officials are also in the process of approving an undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship.

“Nowadays, students are much more interested because you see a lot of young entrepreneurs. The Google guys, the Twitter guys — all these young people are now the heroes,” ogilvie said.

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