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Why It’s Important to Be Remarkable in Marketing

Source:  Bryan Eisenberg, ClickZ.com

Remarkableadjective – Worthy of being or likely to be noticed, especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.

“You want great marketing but nobody can be creative enough to compensate for the problem you have. The product you have been offering for the past 10 years just isn’t that remarkable, in fact, very few people truly even care if it exists.” When I told this to the new CEO of a company I advised on a call this past week, I knew he wouldn’t like hearing it. I also knew that he was intellectually honest enough to agree. Would you be?

We were reviewing new marketing collateral his company had just developed. My question: “Who cares?” I wasn’t being callous. I was truly asking how this addressed a deeply felt need of his potential and actual clients. His marketing staff’s copy came off like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons, “Wa wa wa wa wa wa.”

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